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January's Creation  Challenge

Stop buying one food item that is not in season and replace it with something that is. Do that regularly.

February's  Creation  Challenge

This challenge is good news for gardeners: do a little less!  Nature is not tidy.   Leave some dead tree branches to rot, and don’t sweep up all the leaves: they provide food for a wide range of insects.

March's  Creation  Challenge

April's  Creation  Challenge

Do the write thing!
Keep your empty pens out of landfill. Just drop them into the box in the WBC lobby and we'll recycle them via Terracycle.

Do your bit for biodiversity: plant something for the bees,  e.g. lavender, sweet peas, poppies, sunflowers, foxgloves, hollyhocks; and butterflies, e.g. buddleia, sedum, hebe. Visit for lots more options.

May's Creation Challenge

Twin a toilet! 1.7 BILLION people do not have access to a toilet. A one-off payment of £60 can provide a clean safetoilet to reduce diarrhoea, disease, poverty and death. For more information go to

June's Creation Challenge

LOAF! Write LOAF on the top of your shopping list so you can remember ask yourself is it...
L  ocal?
O  rganic?
A  nimal friendly?
F  airtrade?

July & Aug's  Creation Challenge

Explore the wonders of creation where you live!
Simply download the iNaturalist app and start discovering your local nature. It’s the ideal partner for walks with the children:
Access fascinating info about local wildlife
Help scientists by tracking biodiversity

September's Creation Challenge

Free jam from Jesus!
Discover how to turn a good walk into a pantry full of jam, by filling your old jars with sweet and savoury treats.
Check out the blog for some great tips.

October's Creation Challenge

Savouring the Seasons
Pick a recipe (or two or three) from the autumn collection. After completing the culinary challenge, take the IT challenge and share the experience on Instagram! #savouringtheseasons

November's Creation Challenge

I'm dreaming of a GREEN Christmas!
Check out our blog for tips for a greener Christmas

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