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Pastoral Resource Group (PRG)

The PRG supports the pastors, elders and church in any pastoral responsibilities. Anyone can seek support from us and we are happy to come alongside you as an individual, a couple, or a family.

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Pastoral responsibility primarily lies with our pastors, Clover Todman and Tom Heasman, our pastoral lead, Lexi Battle, and our elders. However, the Pastoral Resource Group is in place to provide further support and supplement to the pastoral needs of the church family through:

  1. Training 

  2. Mentoring 

  3. Supporting

  4. Pastoring 

  5. Advising

  6. Communicating 

We know that people seek pastoral care for a whole range of reasons. Please read on to learn about how we can help you and who you should contact if you decide to seek our help. 

What can I do if I'm finding life difficult?

Firstly, we are so glad you are here with us at Widcombe!


When we look at Jesus we see that we have a God who does not keep His distance from us but instead comes right into the middle of our complicated world and difficult lives. We do not have to pretend that everything is OK, we can be honest about whatever it is we are facing.


In Jesus we also see a God who understands what it means to suffer. He experienced being a refugee, hunger, tiredness, temptation, bereavement, sorrows, rejection, homelessness, being despised and betrayed… and that’s all before He reached the physical and spiritual agony of the cross. Our Heavenly Father understands what you are going through.

Can you help with my difficulties?

We understand that people may have all kinds of difficulties, including, but not limited to:

  • Mental and physical health

  • Relationships

  • Practical problems

  • Financial struggles

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Loneliness

  • Questions or doubts about God

  • Parts of/themes in the Bible you find hard

  • Sins you keep returning to

  • Things from the past that haunt you

The good news we want to share with you is that God knows and cares about all these areas of our lives and is relevant in every situation we face.


As we have a God to whom we can bring every difficulty, we as a church want to be people who will respond with love whatever you are facing – big or small, acute or chronic, public or private.

Who can I talk to?

The first person we can talk to is God Himself! We see in the Psalms many examples of people crying out to God, bringing before Him all their concerns and pain. And we know from throughout the Bible that God is loving and caring.


It would also be our privilege as God’s children to share the burdens you are carrying.


Perhaps you might like to speak to a friend here at church, your homegroup leader, or someone else you feel comfortable with. We trust that, whoever you speak to, you will receive love, care, and support through prayer. Plus, you can always also speak to any of the pastors and elders or get in touch with the church office


In addition, any member of the Pastoral Resource Group (PRG) would be very happy to talk with you. The members of the PRG are themselves, from personal experience, aware of the real challenges arising from being broken people in a broken world and therefore dependant on God’s grace and help.


We can be reached by our group email ( Below you can find the PRG team, along with their contact details. 

What if I’m not ready to talk yet?

You may not feel ready to talk to anyone yet but are interested in finding out about resources that are available. The PRG have a resource list they would be happy to share with you - please get in contact for more details.


Please be assured that we shall be praying for you.

Looking for further information?

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