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Whether you're new to faith
or just interested,
we'd love to invite you
to explore more with us!

meet up and have a chat about Christianity

Would you like to catch up over coffee and ask someone about Jesus? Perhaps you would prefer to head out for a walk and chat over what it's like to be a Christian?


We'd love to meet up and help you think through your questions and our faith.

come along to Something Better

You are invited to a series of four Tuesday evenings considering humanity's pursuit of meaning, identity, satisfaction and hope - and a chance to explore how Jesus holds out the offer of something better.

Suitable for anyone and everyone! 

try a church service with someone

Have you ever been to a church service before? We gather every Sunday to sing together, pray, hear Bible readings and listen to a talk from the Bible. There is a crèche available for babies, plus groups for children and teenagers. After the service there are refreshments.

Everyone is welcome to come to our services; there's no need to sign up.

If you would like someone to meet you and attend the service together, just let us know!

read an account of
Jesus' life with someone

Have you ever really looked at the Bible for yourself? Perhaps you picked up snippets about Jesus as a child or have second hand knowledge from a friend or vague memories of learning about him in an RE lesson! We believe Jesus is the most amazing person who ever lived and is worthy of investigating for yourself.

There are 4 Gospels in the Bible which tell us all about Jesus' life. It can often be helpful to read the Bible with someone who is familiar with it to help answer your questions as you read. Why not take this opportunity to explore for yourself who Jesus really is? We’ll be sure to find a friendly face that you will feel comfortable reading with.

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